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Individual care for people over 18 years old with weekly therapy sessions that aim to help organize the individual's personal issues, as well as overcome dissatisfaction, suffering and trauma. Psychoanalysis aims at personal transformation by redefining feelings and providing a deep connection with oneself.


  The sessions

Folhas de dente de leão

Guidelines for online sessions

The duration of each session is about 40 minutes, therefore, set aside other activities and communications during the session.

- for people over 18 years old

- online for all Brazilian territory

- online for Brazilians living abroad

- online for English-speaking citizens

- in person (only in Itu-S.P./Brazil)

- Find a private place with total privacy

- Have good Internet connection

- Use earphones to improve the quality of the call and preserve the confidentiality of the session

Analysis can help you. Let's talk!

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