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Is analysis the right choice for me?

If you are experiencing psychological distress, struggling with trauma, feelings of emptiness and many other issues that lead us to sadness, difficulties in relationships, lack of energy, physical symptoms without biological causes, the analysis will lead you to understand your anxieties, get to know yourself better and accept yourself in a profound way, providing a lighter and happier life.

Why analysis?

By talking about yourself in analysis, you open yourself up to the possibility of finding different paths to follow in your life.

Therapy promotes emotional balance, enabling us to create resources and autonomy to deal with triggers that would affect us psychologically, making life easier and more pleasurable.

What happens in therapy?

The dynamics of therapy are based on the patient's speech, reporting their experiences, feelings and thoughts, while the psychoanalyst listens and interprets the content to understand the enigmas of the mind that are linked to aspects of psychic life.

What to expect from therapy?

Get to know yourself better, understand your anxieties and dissatisfactions. Psychological distress can affect mental and physical health, causing insomnia, feelings of emptiness, difficulties in personal and professional relationships, and many other issues that, if  untreated, can lead to unwanted patterns that repeat themselves, generating unhappy experiences.

Analysis enables a new perception of traumas and memories that influence our attitudes, reactions and behaviors.

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